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Daniel Osvaldo on the move to ... Boca Juniors?

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The Italian striker could be packing his bags for Argentina as we speak.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Pablo Daniel Osvaldo has "earned" his way out of yet another club, after a near-fight with an Inter Milan teammate during a recent match lead to a spat with the club and him being AWOL from training. The hot-headed striker is on loan at Inter from Southampton after other troubles with teammates lead to him being excommunicated from the English club, and he's in search of a new team.

Until this morning's signing of Alessandro Matri, it looked as though Osvaldo might wind up back at Juventus, where he spent the second half of last season after his Southampton banishment. Now his agent is working desperately to find him a new home that offers something other than the standing offer from Queens Park Rangers.

New reports indicate that Osvaldo might just have a destination: Argentina's Boca Juniors.

The fit sounds bizarre at first, but it makes a little bit of sense once you think about it. Osvaldo actually grew up in Argentina, having been born in Buenos Aires, and originally played for Argentine club Huracan before moving to Italy in 2005. He's even supposedly a huge Boca fan, so there's that, too.

With Boca Juniors loading up for what they hope will be a deep run in this year's Copa Libertadores tournament and never having been a club to shy away from controversial players, Osvaldo could actually be a fairly wonderful fit for them. If this deal happens, Boca will become the must-watch team in South America's premier international club tournament.