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Antonio Candreva celebrates wondergoal by faceplanting into a wall

Three defenders in the way? A goalkeeper leaving a tiny space at the far corner to shoot through? Sure, why not. Sticking the landing? Not so much.

It started so well for Antonio Candreva.

The Lazio attacker scored a wonderful goal, blasting a shot through three defenders and past the goalkeeper in to a tiny crack of space to the far corner. The strike put Lazio up, 2-1, on Palermo late in the match, giving them a grasp on three vital points as they chase a Champions League place in Serie A.

Then Candreva celebrated his goal -- as he should have, it was a great goal in a huge moment -- but it all went so, so wrong.

Candreva had to be subbed off after that embarrassing display. Pro tip: if it's raining and you're wearing cleats, stay off the concrete. That's just a recipe for disaster.