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Marseille goalkeeper saves reporter from flying water bottle

Some jerk threw a water bottle at a reporter. Olympique Marseille keeper Steve Mandanda handled it well.

On Friday, French side Olympique Marseille thumped Toulouse 6-1 after failing to win in four straight matches, putting themselves back temporarily back in to second place in Ligue 1 and letting them keep pace with the league leaders for now.

After the match, goalkeeper Steve Mandanda was giving a happy interview with a beIN reporter when something unusual happened.

Pro tip: if you're going to be a jerk and throw a filled water bottle at someone, make sure he's not standing next to a professional goalkeeper. Or if you do, make a better effort of it so he has to work a little harder at making the save.

The nonchalant flip of the bottle and offer to the reporter was a nice touch, though.