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Watch the fastest hat trick in Premier League history

Sadio Mane had himself a career day.

It's been a spectacular first Premier League season for Sadio Mane, and Saturday's performance against Aston Villa put the cherry on top of it all. The Southampton winger scored a hat trick with his three goals just two minutes and 56 seconds apart, by far the fastest hat trick in Premier League history.

The record was previously held by Robbie Fowler, who scored three times in four minutes and 33 seconds against Arsenal in 1994. The hat trick is also the earliest in Premier League history, completed just 16 minutes into the match.

Mane still has some work to do if he wants to score the fastest hat trick in the history of English football. That record belongs to James Hayter, who scored three goals in two minutes and 20 seconds for Bournemouth against Wrexham in 2004.