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Neymar is a shiny golden footballing god and this pass should be in religious texts

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Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Even if Brazil failed to beat Peru in their Copa America opener, Neymar would have been the clear man of the match. He scored the opening goal, created numerous chances that his teammates didn't finish and was responsible for this absolutely dirty move that got him chopped down out of frustration.

For a while, a draw looked inevitable. Brazil just weren't finishing their chances. Then, Neymar made this pass to set up Brazil's winner in a 2-1 victory.

I know what you're thinking. "Surely the goal-scorer was offside?" Yeah, everyone thought so. Then this replay angle dropped and nope, not even close to offside. Douglas Costa was a mile onside.

Here are five things that need to be acknowledged about this divine piece of ridiculousness.

1. Seeing Douglas Costa in the first place is fairly impressive. Not spectacular, it's expected from a player of Neymar's caliber, but it's a spot that, say, decent second division players don't make regularly. This needs to be acknowledged first and foremost.

2. Okay, so you saw him, but how to get the ball to him? Basically anyone else ever tries a lofted diagonal. There are five defenders between Neymar and Douglas Costa when he makes the decision to pass, and a sixth one shows up before he actually switches the ball across the box.

3. Of the dozen or so people on earth who would even consider trying this pass, more than half of them overhit it. They see the number of defenders they have to beat and play the pass too hard, resulting in Diego Costa not being able to control it and botching the chance.

4. Look at the Peru defender who appeals for offside. He's the fourth deepest defender. Douglas Costa wasn't only in front of him, but three of his teammates.

5. Douglas Costa can't even believe this pass made it through to him. Look at his hesitation. He was sure the ball was going to take some kind of deflection, skip, whatever. He's genuinely stunned when it just arrives exactly where Neymar intended to place it, in a straight line, through a sea of red shirts.

I have watched both of these Vines at least 20 times and I am still totally dumbfounded. Bow to Neymar.