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Neymar, Carlos Bacca fight after Copa America game, will be suspended

Colombia and Brazil will likely be without their stars for the quarterfinal.

If Brazil are going to win the 2015 Copa America, they're probably going to have to win a couple of games without Neymar. He made a headbutting motion towards Colombia defender Jelson Murillo after kicking the ball into Pablo Armero, inciting a skirmish. Carlos Bacca shoved him, making it worse. Both of them got red cards.

This is a bigger blow for Brazil than Colombia -- the entire Brazilian team is built around Neymar, while Bacca didn't start this match. Both teams are on three points in this group, awaiting Thursday's game between Peru and Venezuela before they know what they have to do in their final games to win the group, or just progress. The good news for them is that two third-placed teams make the quarterfinals, and four points should do the trick.

It's not clear how Brazil would replace Neymar, as they haven't had to play a meaningful game under Dunga without him.


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