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Dzsenifer Marozsán capped dominant World Cup display with an amazing knuckegoal

Germany's 4-1 win over Sweden will be remembered for this unbelievable shot by Dzsenifer Marozsán. Did she mean this at all, or was she just trying to get a foot to the ball to stop a Sweden breakaway? We'll never know, nor should you try to figure out, highlight truthers.

Plus, if there's one player who could do that on purpose...

But this was just the cherry on top of a spectacular performance by Marozsán, who was downright dominant for Germany in their World Cup Round of 16 victory. For long stretches of the game, it looked like Sweden didn't even have a midfield, and they couldn't win the ball from the Germans. She didn't have any direct involvement in any of the previous three goals, but she was the reason Germany had so many chances and Sweden had so few. Between her play in possession and her defensive pressure, Marozsán was quietly dominant without being flashy.

Then she got flashy anyway, because she's the best.