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England coach gives best after-loss interview you'll ever see

Mark Sampson talked about his team's exit from the World Cup sounding like he was going to cry, and his interview was fantastic.

England is out of the Women's World Cup thanks to the worst gut-punch 90th minute loss you'll ever see. After the game, their head coach Mark Sampson gave an interview where he stuck up for Laura Bassett, the player who scored the own goal that sent Japan to the final.

"Laura Bassett's name is on our scoresheet," he said of the defender, "but she's epitomized this England team this tournament. She's been courageous, strong, kept this group together. She didn't deserve that. But she should be looked upon as a hero, an absolute hero. That's how people will remember Laura Bassett, the headers and blocks and tackles that kept this team together."

This was the first time England had ever gotten to the semifinal, and Sampson had some words about that too. "The skeptics and critics said we weren't good enough to get this far, but I'm so proud of them."

England put together a fantastic tournament, and were great in the semifinal too. They deserved better than this. Hopefully Sampson, Bassett and company get the recognition they deserve when they get home.