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Megan Rapinoe flew with the Blue Angels and took an excellent scared plane selfie

Rapinoe went up with Navy flight demonstration squadron Blue Angels as part of Seattle's Seafair festivities, and we got to see it all through Twitter -- and oh how happy we are that we did.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It's been an eventful summer for Megan Rapinoe. She won the Women's World Cup with the United States national team, she gave a delightful interview with ESPN, she threw out the first pitch at a Seattle Mariners game, and to cap it all off, she went for a little flight on Wednesday.

Rapinoe was invited to fly with the Blue Angels, the famous Navy flight demonstration squadron that tours airshows around the country. They're in Seattle as part of the annual Seafair festival in the area, and it's traditional for local celebrities to go up with them during practice flights.

The elite Blue Angels pilots don't go through their whole routine when they have a passenger in the backseat, but they do give their guest a good taste of what it's like to fly a high-powered jet, with a rapid-ascent takeoff, barrel rolls, high-G turns, and other maneuvers all thrown in to enjoy -- or pass out in the middle of, depending on your constitution.

This year, it was Rapinoe's turn to fly, and the Seattle Reign were there to document the whole thing on Twitter. First came the obligatory badass posing:

Then, Rapinoe met the pilot who would be flying her around. She looks a little nervous here:

Now that she's in the cockpit, the reality of what's about to happen seems to be setting in:


Fortunately for us all, Rapinoe made it back to the ground in one piece:

And it just wouldn't be Megan Rapinoe if she didn't do a little celebrating after it's all said and done:

You can watch her experience below. Not only did she not pass out, she decided to rock out instead.


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