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Could Mario Balotelli be on his way to Bologna?

The newly-promoted Serie A club have declared an interest in the Italian international.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Bologna have offered Liverpool outcast Mario Balotelli the chance of refinding his form back home in Italy, where sporting director Pantaleo Corvino has told the Corriere dello Sport: "I would take him, he would be highly motivated here. Of course, Bologna have to respect certain financial parameters, but for the right price I would even look at the possibility of buying him outright."

It's rare that a club would be so open about pursuing a player, but given the magnitude of the coup that Bologna would be pulling by signing him, Corvino may well think a public approach is the most likely to yield results. Apparently unwanted by almost everyone after a disappointing spell at Liverpool, Corvino's making sure Balo knows Bologna's a place where he would be treated like the superstar he once looked.

Why it makes sense

Brendan Rodgers appears to have given up on Balotelli, and the only reason he hasn't moved on already is because Liverpool haven't managed to find a club willing to gamble on the striker. He's extraordinarily talented on the pitch, but his mentality and effort have been questioned since he returned to England from AC Milan last summer. If Liverpool can find a buyer, they'll surely let him go -- be it permanently or temporarily.

What's more, the prospect of moving to Bologna may well appeal to Balo. He's proven he can score goals in Serie A, and at the newly-promoted club he'd immediately become their key man. He'd be the player they build around, and it's an environment in which he could thrive. Owned by Canadian businessman Joey Saputo, they're also not strapped for cash, so finances may not prove as big a barrier as you'd expect.

Why it doesn't make sense

To put it simply, Balo may well assume he's too good for Bologna. He's a player who has starred at major international tournaments and who has already played for four massive clubs at just 24 years old. To move to a club expected to be struggling against relegation in Serie A looks like a big retrograde step. It may well be the place where he can blossom and show his true potential, but unless he recognizes the long-term value of such a transfer, it's unlikely he'll grab the opportunity.

Likelihood it happens

We know Bologna are interested and we're pretty certain Liverpool would want to sell. But it seems pretty unlikely Balotelli would fancy the move quite as much as the other parties involved, making us think that there's only a 4/10 chance of it happening.

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