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FIFA ban Chuck Blazer for life even though he's sick and wants nothing to do with them

Backheel Breakfast wonders why they even bothered.

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Chuck Blazer isn't trying to get involved in FIFA, and he's in too poor of health to hold any kind of important position, but the organization still took the step of banning him for life. Blazer plead guilty to fraud, money laundering and racketeering charges, testifying about his involvement in these schemes and burning a number of fellow soccer executives in the process, but FIFA felt like issuing a statement about his expulsion from the organization.

This wasn't just implied?

In the news

MLS made up a new rule that makes it easier for rich teams to sign more good players.

FIFA rankings are out and Wales are into the top 10. (BBC)

Here's the miss of the night in Gold Cup. (r/soccer)

And the similarly wonderful goal of the night. (r/soccer)

Olympiacos have cut their season ticket prices in half. (Reuters)

Raheem Sterling phoned in sick again. (Guardian)

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James Legge on Rohan Ricketts, the world's best-traveled footballer. (Vice)

Albert Burneko on athletes you should want to have sex with instead of Cristiano Ronaldo. (Deadspin)

Dustin Ward on converting dangerous passes to shots. (Stats Bomb)

Fun with transfer rumors

The section in which nothing should be taken seriously. It's rumor season, so this section will be expanded, and as the summer rolls on, it will probably be bigger than the actual news section.

Angel Di Maria might be close to a PSG move. (AS)

But Arsenal are also interested in signing him. (Telegraph)

Juventus could add to their defense with Matija Nastasic. (Football Italia)

Robin van Persie is close to signing for Fenerbahce. (Daily Mail)

Roberto Soldado is asking Spurs to sell him. (Guardian)

Bastian Schweinsteiger admits he's flattered to be linked to Manchester United. (Independent)

Wednesday's games

Costa Rica and Jamaica drew 2-2. (MLS)

Canada and El Salvador split the points, as well. (MLS)

What to watch on Thursday (click for listings, all times ET)

Gold Cup: T&T vs. Guatemala (7 p.m.) - A must-win for both.

Gold Cup: Mexico vs. Cuba (9:30 p.m.) - Probably an easy win for El Tri.


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