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Juventus make bizarre Hernanes signing

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Inter Milan just got bailed out of an old mistake in a big way thanks to Juventus.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Need proof that sometimes good teams do bizarre things in the transfer market? Look no further: Juventus have signed Hernanes from Inter Milan on a transfer believed to be worth roughly €11 million.

Hernanes represents one of the biggest transfer mistakes Inter made in recent years, a notable feat considering how many they've made. He was signed 18 months ago to much acclaim from Lazio for almost €20 million, hailed as a surefire star for the nerazurri, a player who could help lead them in the new ownership era and help them return to glory.

That didn't really happen. Hernanes was terrible for Inter, and went through long stretches of only starting because too many other midfielders were hurt to keep him on the bench. Now, for some reason, Juventus has not only taken him off their hands, but they gave Inter a healthy chunk of cash to do it.

It could well be that Max Allegri sees something in Hernanes' game that can be fixed or that he wasn't being used properly. Juventus certainly need another midfielder, thanks to a rash of injuries in the middle of the pitch. The question, though, is why Hernanes, and why for that much?

You can't even argue that this is an upside play for Juve -- the Brazilian is 30 years old, so at this point in his career, his skills are only going to degrade. Even if Allegri can tap into some aspect of Hernanes' game that's gone unappreciated over the last year and a half, it's hard to imagine he performs well enough for the Old Lady to justify that fee.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, sure, but it's hard to see this working out well for Juventus. Inter, though, are probably laughing their way to the bank.