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Marcelo Bielsa resigns as manager of Olympique Marseille

Could this herald a move to Mexico?

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

After a shocking 1-0 home loss to Caen in their Ligue 1 opener, Olympique Marseille have been handed another surprise: manager Marcelo Bielsa resigned immediately after the match.

The shocking decision by the 60-year-old Argentine, who leaves Marseille just one match into his second season, comes in the wake of rife speculation linking him with the open Mexico national team job. Bielsa had denied that he's headed to Mexico, but this decision would seemingly clear the way for him to take the post if offered to him, as it's assumed it will be.

Bielsa and his hectic style -- sometimes described as an "insane" brand of football -- led Marseille to a fourth-place finish last season despite financial woes that made it difficult to strengthen their squad. Those same problems also forced them to let several of their best players go, with most of the replacements best described as "middling," which may have led to discord between Bielsa and the club's leadership.

If Bielsa does return to managing international football, he'll be heading back to a field that's treated him well in his career. His Argentina sides were always solid in a period when their talent wasn't quite as good as normal, and he helped lead Chile back to the World Cup in 2010, starting them to their path up the ladder in international football that just saw them win the Copa America.

Apparently Bielsa reached his decision to resign from his post on Wednesday, news that really won't sit well with fans or players who are watching their club suddenly left scrambling to replace their manager just one match into the season. But given Bielsa's career-long reputation for being a little bit "out there," maybe it shouldn't be so surprising.