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Former teammate says Steven Gerrard 'has never liked black people'

Well that's no good.

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Steven Gerrard has released a biography before, and someone's given him quite a bit of money to do another one now that he's left Liverpool. He apparently had a bit more to say this time around, and his former co-workers aren't too happy.

Rafa Benitez was fairly calm and professional about Gerrard saying he didn't get on with the Spaniard. "I've read the quotes and Gerrard is mistaken," said Benitez. "Due to the respect I have for ‘Stevie' and for the value and appreciation I have for him, and for Liverpool and the supporters, I'm not going to say anything."

But El-Hadji Diouf took a different tone, emphasis mine. "We all saw how he made life difficult for Mario Balotelli at Liverpool," said Diouf. "I warned him. Liverpool isn't a team that accepts black people unless they are English. It's common knowledge. Gerrard has never liked black people. When I was at Liverpool, I showed him I was black, that I wasn't English, but that I'm no pushover. All the time I was there, he never dared looked me in the eye."



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