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Michel Platini says Sepp Blatter payment was legitimate income ... from 9 years ago

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Yep, they just paid him nine years late and he didn't make a fuss about it.

mfw the feds aint got nothing on me
mfw the feds aint got nothing on me
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Let's say your employer forgets to pay you a large portion of your salary. Like, say, $2 million Swiss Francs (roughly equal in US Dollars) over a period of four years. How would you react to that? You'd be pretty pissed off, right?

UEFA president Michel Platini says it happened to him. Swiss authorities say Sepp Blatter was involved in a "disloyal payment" from FIFA to Platini in 2011, but the three-time Ballon d'Or winner has an alternative explanation. He says that payment was money owed to him from his old full-time job.

Let's take Platini at his word here. If he's telling the truth, that means ...

  • He was totally chill about not getting paid $2 million Fr. for nine years
  • He continued to work for the organization that wouldn't pay him that money
  • He supported the man in charge of the organization that wouldn't pay him
  • He made enough money that $2 million Fr. was totally not even a big deal

I've been extremely unchill about employers not giving me a couple hundred dollars I was owed. Most people have. Platini is better than us, apparently.

As Platini notes in his statement, he's not being investigated. Unlike all of the other people wrapped up in the FIFA scandal, he was smart enough to get his money from FIFA itself, declare it as income and (presumably) pay taxes on it. The lesson, as always, is pay your taxes. It'll keep the authorities off your back.

And in the case of Platini, it's allowed him to remain the face of reform in FIFA, even as he's backed Blatter, voted for Qatar to win the 2022 World Cup and claimed that a $2 million Fr. payment from FIFA was legitimate income from work he did nine years prior.