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Former Barcelona wonderkid Isaac Cuenca scores stunning volley against Atlético Madrid

Remember this guy?

This goal, absent context, is wonderful. It's an absolutely world-class volley by Isaac Cuenca, putting Granada a goal up on heavily favored Atlético Madrid.

Credit: user rodrigoelcrack on r/soccer

It's possible that this is the first you've ever heard of Cuenca. But more likely, if you've been following soccer for a few years, this is just the first you've heard from him in roughly four years. Cuenca had an extremely promising debut season for Barcelona during their 2011-12 campaign, but then suffered a series of knee injuries that required surgery and derailed his career. Since his Ajax loan was rendered unproductive by those injuries, he's bounced around, getting mixed reviews for his performances at Deportivo La Coruña and Bursaspor before landing with Granada in La Liga last winter.

Cuenca may never become the player he was supposed to be before his injuries. The Atléti game is his first start in five games. But this wonderful goal is a great reminder that he had the kind of ability that spawned dozens of YouTube mixtapes with bad music calling him the future of Barcelona.

Cuenca is still just 25. He wouldn't be the latest bloomer ever if he finally fulfilled his potential. Hopefully this goal sparks a revival.