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We have no idea how Hugo Lloris saved this shot by Chicharito

How did that stay out?!

Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris just pulled off an early contender for save of the season, denying Bayer Leverkusen's Javier Hernández from point-blank range in their Champions League clash. Chicharito should've tapped home after getting on the end of a low ball at the far post, though somehow Lloris dived to his left to keep the ball from crossing the line.

Lloris is having one hell of a game, and in the second half has pretty much single-handedly prevented Spurs from going behind. However, credit should not just be given to Spurs' French shot-stopper, but also to FIFA's recent decision to introduce goalline technology. From the naked eye it was utterly impossible to tell whether the ball had crossed the line, though replays showed Lloris had just about managed to just keep it from crossing.

Those in the United States can see a replay of the save in the Fox video below. Those in the UK can find footage from BT Sport here.

Photo credit: @archiert1/BT Sport