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FIFA, UEFA presidents could face investigation for allegedly unethical loan

Gianni Infantino isn't any better at keeping his name away from rumors of corruption than Sepp Blatter was.

Milos Bicanski/Getty Images

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You will be unsurprised to learn that two rounds of United States Department of Justice indictments and the ouster of Sepp Blatter is unlikely to have cleaned up FIFA for good. New president Gianni Infantino might end up under investigation by the FIFA ethics committee because of a questionable loan made from UEFA to the Slovenian FA while Infantino was UEFA general secretary.

According to a report in Norwegian publication Josimar, Infantino sidestepped the UEFA finance committee and approved the loan by himself. The money was then allegedly used to buy shares in a betting company. Aleksander Ceferin, who was the president of the Slovenian FA at the time, is the new president of UEFA.

"The Finance Committee was not 'sidestepped,' as this article mistakenly suggests," said UEFA in a statement, refuting the report. "The loan was granted in accordance with an established framework procedure approved and agreed by the UEFA Finance Committee. The purpose for which the loan funds was used was also fully legitimate."

Whether or not FIFA is able to find that their ethics code was breached, we should assume that everyone in charge of a major soccer governing body will always be shady, forever and ever. For our own sanity.

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