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Brazilian clubs make proposals to help Chapecoense recover from plane crash tragedy

Special accommodations are expected to be made for the club so they can remain competitive after most of their squad and coaching staff was killed on Monday night.

Palmeiras v Chapecoense - Brasileirao Series A 2016 Photo by Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images

In the wake of a tragic plane crash that killed 75 people, Brazilian clubs and administrators are already trying to figure out how they can help Chapecoense continue to operate into next season and beyond.

Competing in soccer games is the last thing that Chapecoense staff and fans are thinking about at the moment, and likely not something they want to be tasked with handling anytime soon. But the other clubs in the Brasileirao are making plans to help them, with 10 clubs releasing a joint statement on Tuesday.

In their statement, Atlético Paranaense, Botafogo, Coritiba, Corinthians, Cruzeiro, Fluminense, Palmeiras, Portuguesa, Santos, São Paulo, and Vasco da Gama request that the Brazilian confederation make Chapecoense immune from relegation for the next three seasons. They also commit to loaning players to the club for free for the 2017 season and ask for other clubs to pitch in as well.

“It is the minimum gesture of solidarity that is at our disposal at the moment,” the clubs say in their joint statement, “but granted with the sincere objective of reconstruction of this institution of Brazilian football that was lost today.”

There’s nothing anyone can do to fix this tragedy, but Brazilian clubs and authorities can take the stress of assembling a team away from Chapecoense and make sure the community has a squad in their colors to cheer for.