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This rocket of a goal put Juventus on top of Serie A

Simone Zaza unleashed an unsaveable shot to put Juventus ahead of Napoli.

Juventus and Napoli went toe to toe all day long in their battle for Serie A supremacy. Late in the game, it was starting to look like it would end in a 0-0 draw -- and then Simone Zaza stepped up and did something amazing.

Credit: r/soccer

That was a great touch to give him separation from Kalidou Koulibaly, who had been excellent on the day, but that shot was something else. Through two defenders, and just past the arm of Pepe Reina, and that power. Goodness gracious. The fact that the goal put Juventus on top of the table in the scudetto race in Serie A is almost secondary to the sheer quality of the goal.