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Tottenham Hotspur win late thanks to this dramatic Eriksen stunner

This was definitely a good way to earn three points in a crucial title race clash.

Tottenham Hotspur needed late heroics to break a 1-1 deadlock with Manchester City and get the win they needed to close the gap on the top of the table. With less than 10 minutes to go and with Manchester's defense standing strong, it looked like Spurs might have been in a bit of trouble -- but then Christian Eriksen put on his superhero cape and went to work.

That's just a lovely goal. The defender-splitting pass from Erik Lamela, the smart adjustment from Eriksen to get on it, and the cool finish all caught Joe Hart so off-guard that he reacted far too late to the shot. You'd normally expect Eriksen to be providing the service to Lamela in that situation and not the other way around, but both men adapted well to the role switch and Tottenham got the three crucial points they needed.