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This swerving soccer goal shouldn't be possible and is probably magic


So this goal from Malaysia is ... maybe the best goal we've ever seen? We're still in shock.

This free kick is so outrageous that we had to find any reason to explain or discredit it, because it shouldn't exist.

Question #1: Did this happen recently, in a pro game?

We found that this is indeed from Tuesday, in a Malaysian Super League game between Pulau Pinang and Pahang. The goal-scorer's name is Faiz Subri. He hasn't been capped yet by Malaysia, but that should change now.

Question #2: Is this a real ball?

It is! We suspected that it might be some kind of dumb trick ball, but it's perfectly normal. ESPN FC has the details.


Question #3: Was it windy?

It was not! Weather Underground says it was a normal day.


Question #4: Is Faiz Subri a wizard?

We've been unable to confirm or disprove this. If you have any knowledge of Subri's magical powers or lack thereof, email your tips to our magic expert at