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Members of European Parliament think Gareth Bale's transfer was illegal

Taxpayers bailed out a bank that guaranteed the Bale deal. Uh oh.

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When Real Madrid bought Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur, they didn't exactly have €100 million ($110.89 million US) lying around. They paid around a quarter of the fee up front, then promised to pay the rest in installments, with Spanish banks guaranteeing the deal in the event Madrid went bankrupt, so the Spurs could still get their money. This wouldn't be a problem normally, but one of the banks was given a €14 billion bailout by the EU government, so some members of European Parliament want an investigation into the deal.

"If taxpayers' money was used to underwrite the Gareth Bale transfer deal, then this is something the EU should investigate further," said British MEP Daniel Dalton, who was joined by two colleagues in calling for the investigation. "Real Madrid are the world's richest football club and if it has used a state-owned bank, owned by taxpayers to guarantee multi-million pound record transfer fees, then it is clearly something the EU should look to address to ensure there are no unfair competitive advantages given to football teams, supported by taxpayer-funded financial institutions."

Goal of the day

This stunner by Rafael Carioca of Atletico Mineiro, who went on to win this Copa Libertadores match.

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What happened on Wednesday

Here's what we learned from Real Madrid's big win over Roma.

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What to watch on Thursday (click for listings, all times ET)

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