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FIFA presidential candidate fights for 'transparency' with literal transparent voting booth

The FIFA Presidential election is on Friday. In the wake of numerous corruption scandals, there have been widespread calls for voting to become more transparent. Enter candidate Prince Ali of Jordan.

I have several questions.

1. Does he think this is what people mean when they ask for transparency in voting?

2. I know this isn't a question, but that is literally a transparent box, what the hell.

3. Why is the top frosted and the side clear? Why isn't it all clear?

4. Why are you spending money to send a bunch of these to FIFA headquarters?

5. What is this for? Like, do you think voting members shove money in their ballots? It's unclear which problem this solves.

6. Why can't voting members just raise their hands or say who they're voting for out loud?

7. Sorry, this is the second time I've listed something that isn't a question, but I'm very scared that Prince Ali has absolutely no idea what it means when people say they want "transparency in FIFA."