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What if a ton of voters get arrested at the FIFA election?

So ... no one's talking about this.

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You should definitely read Bloomberg's entire story on corruption in CONCACAF, with the best bits detailing Jeffrey Webb using federation money to pay for strippers. There's also this bit, which raises an excellent question: could a bunch of guys get arrested when they show up in Switzerland on Friday?

Earlier this year, as CONCACAF prepared for the events in Zurich this week, one employee asked: "What do we do if someone is arrested at the meeting?" Uneasy laughter filled the room.

United States district attorney Loretta Lynch has said that the Department of Justice's investigation into FIFA is still ongoing, and that their second round of indictments were unlikely to be the last. The DOJ is also working with Swiss authorities, who are conducting their own investigation. Will FIFA actually hold a presidential election if multiple voting members are arrested before it takes place?

Goals of the day

Here are a couple of old Luis Enrique goals against Arsenal. (FC Barcelona)

In the news

Prince Ali wants the election postponed because FIFA won't use literal transparent voting booths. (Guardian)

Fellow candidate Gianni Infantino wants 40 teams in the World Cup by 2026. (AS)

Luis Suárez forgot his passport, but was still able to get on the team flight to London. (BBC)

Gigi Buffon says he doesn't put Manuel Neuer in Iker Casillas or Petr Cech's category yet. (ESPN FC)

Sven Bender put an end to transfer speculation by signing a new deal with Dortmund. (Bundesliga)

Ryan Giggs is not particularly popular at Manchester United. (Telegraph)

Fun with rumors: Antonio Conte could be the next Chelsea boss. (Mirror)

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What happened on Monday

Manchester United cruised past Shrewsbury Town. (The Busby Babe)

AC Milan held Napoli to a draw. (The Siren's Song)

What to watch on Tuesday (click for listings, all times ET)

Champions League: 2 games (2:45 p.m.) -- It's tough to tell you which to watch. They'll both be excellent.

CCL: 2 games (from 8 p.m.) -- MLS teams have been training for less than a month. They have to play Mexican teams in mid-season form. Yikes.


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