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Fans only get two-thirds of Champions League final tickets. The Super Bowl suggests it will get worse.

Start getting mad or stop getting tickets.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The Champions League final should probably be a spectacle for fans of the two competing teams to enjoy. And no matter the price point of the tickets, if all were made available to supporters, they'd all get sold. That's why there's widespread public outcry when UEFA announces the ticket distribution.

Just like last season, only 20,000 tickets will go to supporters of each finalist. Another 6,000 tickets go into a lottery. The remaining tickets at the 71,500 capacity San Siro in Milan will be given to "sponsors, corporate hospitality, broadcasters, UEFA guests, national associations and local organizers," as reported by The Guardian.

This is, amazingly, much better for fans than the Super Bowl. The NFL just masks it in a way that's very clever. They distribute 35 percent of tickets to the two finalists, 1 percent to a lottery, 5 percent to the hosting team and just under 35 percent to other NFL teams. Just over 25 percent is kept by the NFL for partners and sponsors.

Fans don't get to buy all of the tickets distributed to other teams at face value, though, and The Denver Post reported that the Broncos only made some of their allocation available to season ticket holders. The rest of their tickets were given to their travel partner, who sold the tickets as part of travel packages. The number of Super Bowl tickets that football fans can buy at face value is impossible to figure out, but it's very clearly well south of the 64.3 percent of tickets like that available for the Champions League final.

This isn't to excuse UEFA, or tell fans they shouldn't be more demanding. It's to point out that this can and almost certainly will get much worse without some massive public outcry. If this doesn't become a bigger PR problem for UEFA, they're going to start screwing fans even more.


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