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Borussia Dortmund match silenced by medical emergencies that led to 1 fan's death, another's hospitalization

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A Bundesliga match quickly turned into a sad and somber affair as fans and players learned about two separate tragedies in the stands.

One Borussia Dortmund supporter has passed away and another has been hospitalized after two separate medical emergencies at the Westfalenstadion on Sunday. Here's the statement issued by BVB after the conclusion of their Bundesliga match against Mainz.

During the game, there were two tragic incidents in the stadium where two spectators had to be resuscitated. One person did not manage to recover and died. We are full of sadness and our thoughts are with their families. We got a message from the hospital that the status of the second person is apparently stable.

Fans learned about the incidents in the middle of the match, which resulted in a muted atmosphere. The Westfalenstadion is normally one of the loudest stadiums in the world, but both sets of supporters' groups elected not to sing after finding out about the tragic events.

When Shinji Kagawa scored a goal late to seal Dortmund's win, hardly anyone cheered. Instead of singing celebration songs, the Südtribüne sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" for their fellow supporters.

Shortly after the game, Dortmund's players were informed what happened, and their victory was the last thing on anyone's mind.