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Juventus just made Bayern Munich look like a bunch of small children with this goal

It gets better with every viewing.

Alvaro Morata and Juan Cuadrado will step off the plane in Turin to find that statues of them have been erected in their honor. What they do to Bayern Munich on this goal is ridiculous.

This end-to-end run from Morata is unreal. It shouldn't happen. Then he had the presence to lay it off to Cuadrado when a lot of guys would have gone for glory themselves. And instead of just ripping a shot, Cuadrado stops to make Philipp Lahm, the greatest defender of his generation, look like an idiot. Then he decides to score.

It gets better with every replay too. It really is an all-timer. They'll play this one on highlight reels for decades if Juventus win -- and this goal put them up 4-2.