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Pep Guardiola threatened to 'rip his players' balls off' if they didn't beat Juventus

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An unorthodox motivational tactic, but it worked.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

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Bayern Munich beat Juventus in dramatic fashion on Wednesday, coming from two goals down to win in extra time. Before the added period, Pep Guardiola could be seen giving a fiery speech to his players, and Thomas Müller revealed what his manager said.

"He told us that he'd cut our balls off," said Müller. "Of course, there are a lot of emotions. I wouldn't be any different as a coach. We wanted to play for the third goal, because we still had energy left in us."

Well ... it worked.

Goal of the day

Even though Juve lost, Álvaro Morata to Juan Cuadrado was the best goal in the tie.

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What happened on Wednesday

Here's what we learned from Bayern's win over Juve.

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