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Andrew Wenger edges out Dom Dwyer for MLS player of the week

The Houston Dynamo had a big week, and our voters were impressed with Wenger's contribution to their win.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Every week, MLS announces their player of the week, as voted on by the North American Soccer Reporters. Who are they? Who knows! They're a lot of your favorite soccer media personalities and journalists, but some of the most knowledgable minds in the game are excluded for very petty reasons, while many of the voters don't really cover or watch soccer. They don't tell you who votes, or who their votes were cast for. It's all a mystery.

That's why we've decided to do our own player of the week here at SB Nation. The difference between us and the league's award is that it's completely transparent. Everyone who submits a ballot votes for first, second and third place. First-place votes get three points, second two points and third one point. Sometimes we'll get the same player as the league and sometimes it'll be different, but you'll know exactly how we arrived at our decision.

And that is ...

Week 2 winner -- Andrew Wenger

This week, we match the league, though it was close. Dom Dwyer got quite a few votes for his two-goal performance, but our voters were more impressed with Wenger's role in Houston Dynamo's 5-0 destruction of FC Dallas.

A call-out to my fellow voters: why don't you consider a non-attacking player? I was guilty of voting for three goal-scorers in Week 1, but gave a vote for Anibal Godoy this week. Shouts to my colleagues Alicia Rodriguez and John Rosch, who also cast votes for non-attackers. And to Thad Bell and Robert Jonas, who voted for non-attackers last week.

Below, the results.

Andrew Wenger: 34 points
Dom Dwyer: 27 points
Ignacio Piatti: 13 points
Others receiving votes: Sebastian Giovinco, Chris Pontius, Marco Pappa, Andre Blake, Laurent Ciman, David Villa, Anibal Godoy, Sunny Obayan, Quincy Amarikwa.

Voter 1st 2nd 3rd
Kevin McCauley Dom Dwyer Ignacio Piatti Anibal Godoy
Dave Clark Andrew Wenger Sebastian Giovinco Ignacio Piatti
Drew Epperley Andrew Wenger Dom Dwyer Chris Pontius
Jeff Engelhardt Andrew Wenger Chris Pontius Dom Dwyer
Rob Usry Dom Dwyer Andrew Wenger Chris Pontius
Kartik Krisnaiyer Andrew Wenger Ignacio Piatti Dom Dwyer
Jon Szekeres Dom Dwyer Marco Pappa Sebastian Giovinco
Michael Citro Dom Dwyer Andrew Wenger Chris Pontius
Alicia Rodriguez Ignacio Piatti Andre Blake Andrew Wenger
Mitchell Tierney David Villa Sebastian Giovinco Andrew Wenger
John Rosch Dom Dwyer Andre Blake Laurent Ciman
Eugene Rupinski Andrew Wenger Chris Pontius Sebastian Giovinco
Rafael Diaz Andrew Wenger Dom Dwyer Chris Pontius
Steve Stoehr Andrew Wenger Chris Pontius Sebastian Giovinco
Patrick Guldan Ignacio Piatti Andrew Wenger Dom Dwyer
Jason Anderson Sunny Onayan Ignacio Piatti Dom Dwyer
Alicia Tolar Andrew Wenger Sebastian Giovinco Dom Dwyer
Robert Jonas Dom Dwyer Andrew Wenger Quincy Amarikwa

Bonus: Week 1 winner -- Ignacio Piatti

Admittedly, we made the decision to do this after Week 1 of the MLS season kicked off, so we didn't have time to whip up a player of the week post. However, you deserve to see the results. The league's player of the week was Mike Magee.

Ignacio Piatti: 49 points
Mike Magee: 38 points
Others receiving votes: Fabian Castillo, Sebastian Giovinco, Diego Fagundez, David Bingham, Diego Chara, Mauro Diaz, Maxi Urruti, Tommy McNamara, David Accam, Cyle Larin, Nuno Coelho, Kyle Beckerman, Diego Valeri.

Voter 1st 2nd 3rd
Kevin McCauley Mike Magee Ignacio Piatti Fabian Castillo
Drew Epperley Mauro Diaz Mike Magee Sebastian Giovinco
Jason Anderson Ignacio Piatti Mike Magee Diego Fagundez
Robert Jonas Mike Magee David Bingham Ignacio Piatti
John Rosch Ignacio Piatti Diego Fagundez Mike Magee
William Conwell Ignacio Piatti Mike Magee Mauro Diaz
Dave Clark Ignacio Piatti Diego Chara Mike Magee
Sean Steffen Diego Fagundez Mike Magee Ignacio Piatti
Jason Iapicco Ignacio Piatti Maxi Urruti Mike Magee
Mark Kastner Ignacio Piatti Mike Magee Diego Fagundez
Alicia Rodriguez Mike Magee Ignacio Piatti Mauro Diaz
Rob Usry Ignacio Piatti Mike Magee Mauro Diaz
Matt Montgomery Ignacio Piatti Diego Valeri David Accam
Sofiane Benzaza Ignacio Piatti Mike Magee Sebastian Giovinco
Thad Bell Nuno Coelho Mike Magee Cyle Larin
Patrick Guldan Ignacio Piatti Mauro Diaz Mike Magee
Eugene Rupinski Mike Magee Ignacio Piatti Kyle Beckerman
Kartik Krishnayer Ignacio Piatti Mike Magee Kyle Beckerman
Alec Rivera Ignacio Piatti Mike Magee Diego Fagundez
Alicia Tolar Ignacio Piatti Mike Magee Sebastian Giovinco