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Philippe Coutinho puts a dagger in Manchester United with a gorgeous run and goal

This goal may have just sent Liverpool to the Europa League quarterfinals

Just sit back and watch that goal a few times. Soak it in. Admire it. It's OK. Take your time, you don't get to see many goals like that.

Philippe Coutinho gave Liverpool a commanding advantage in their Europa League tie with Manchester Untied with that goal, and he earned every bit of it. Down 1-0 in the match at Old Trafford and holding onto a narrow 2-1 lead in the tie, Coutinho had been struggling for much of the match, but he turned it on at just the right time. That hip-fake and run to get into the box and past his defender was wonderful, and that scooped shot to beat David De Gea in goal was executed to absolute perfection.

Just listen to the Liverpool away fans roar. They know how special that was.

The goal also served a crucial purpose -- with that away goal in Liverpool's pocket and with Manchester United having failed to score at Anfield, Liverpool now control the away goal tiebreaker. That means that even if Manchester United score twice more in this match, Liverpool will still advance.

For fans in England who can't watch the above video, we've got you covered.