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Arsenal is owned by the guy who moved the Rams to Los Angeles and Arsenal fans hate him too

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Stan Kroenke is just as popular in north London as he is in St. Louis.

Arsenal beat Everton, 2-0, on Saturday, but that didn't squash their fans' anger. The Gunners are out of all three cup competitions they entered in and looking unlikely to win the Premier League, so they're unloading on owner Stan Kroenke. The traveling fans at Goodson Park sang a loud and hearty "f--- off Stan Kroenke, get out of our club" for the man who runs their team.

There's no egregious fraud or truly disastrous play at Arsenal, but they've underachieved for the last decade, while being extremely cheap in the eyes of many fans. The Gunners were probably a big signing or two away from winning a league title this season, but they opted not to make any big splashes in the transfer window. Their only big summer acquisition was goalkeeper Petr Cech, for a perfectly reasonable £10 million ($14.4 million). A whopping 16 teams -- most of which have smaller revenues than Arsenal -- had higher net spends this summer.

But you should be careful what you wish for, Arsenal fans. Kroenke has shown St. Louis that he definitely will f--- off, but he might not get out of your club. He might just take them with him from London to Los Angeles.