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It's time to get scared about the European Super League again

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The Premier League's big guns met on Tuesday.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

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Everyone's soccer nightmare has come true. The Premier League's big teams had a meeting on Tuesday and it was to talk about THE EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE *spooky music plays*.

Well, maybe. The teams deny that their meeting was about that, and instead say that it was mostly about preseason tournaments, with a little talk about potential changes to the Champions League. All of the Premier League's big clubs continue to deny that they have any desire to leave the Champions League or Premier League, despite widespread fear to the contrary.

Goal of the day

Riyad Mahrez setting up Andy King with a first-time backheel volley. (r/soccer)

In the news

Adam Johnson has been found guilty of one count of having sex with a child. A sentence is to be determined. (Guardian)

The baseball league with a logo similar to U.S. Soccer's changed theirs without much of a fuss. (Hendricks Avenue Baseball on Facebook)

Galatasaray has been banned from one UEFA competition for Financial Fair Play violations. (

Michel Platini won't stop appealing his ban from soccer. (BBC)

Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere might be out for the season. (Guardian)

Napoli's owner called Gonzalo Higuaín overweight and Diego Maradona thinks that's bogus. (ESPN FC)

The details of George Gillett's fight over debt relating to his Liverpool ownership is nuts. (Mirror)

You should be reading

Marina Hyde on MLS selling itself to foreign stars the wrong way. (Guardian)

James Yorke on how Arsenal struggles when they fall behind. (Stats Bomb)

Michael Cox on Arsenal's apparent lack of leaders, which probably doesn't matter. (ESPN FC)

What happened on Tuesday

You can catch highlights of Tuesday's EPL games here. (NBC Sports)

Atlético Madrid had no problem taking down Real Sociedad. (Into The Calderon)

D.C. United and LA Galaxy got bounced out of CCL easily. (MLS)

What to watch on Wednesday (click for listings, all times ET)

La Liga: 5 games (from 2 p.m.) -- Madrid plays at 3 p.m.

Bundesliga: 7 games (2 p.m.) -- Bayern-Mainz is the best match here.

EPL: 5 games (2:45 p.m.) -- Liverpool-Man City is the clear headliner.


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