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Johan Cruyff dies at age 68

The Ajax, Barcelona and Netherlands legend had been battling cancer.

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On Thursday, a spokesperson for Johan Cruyff confirmed that the legendary Dutch footballer, manager and executive had died from cancer at the age of 68. Cruyff was one of the greatest players and managers in the history of Ajax, Barcelona and the Netherlands. He's responsible for a big chunk of the skill moves you see players do today, and is thought of as the godfather or Barca's iconic style of play.

If you want to learn more about Cruyff, we recommend David Winner's long piece The Church of Cruyff, his book Brilliant Orange, and the book Ajax, Barcelona, Cruyff, which is loaded with interviews of the man himself.

Historical skills of the day

Yesterday, we featured Cruyff's famous winner against Atlético Madrid. Today, a compilation of his greatest skills.

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From the rumor mill: Aymeric Laporte to Man City looks likely. (MARCA)

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What to watch on Thursday (click for listings, all times ET)

WCQs: A lot of games -- CONMEBOL games start with Bolivia vs. Colombia at 4 p.m. The main event of the night is Chile vs. Argentina at 7:30 p.m.

Friendly: Italy vs. Spain (3:45 p.m.) -- Expect some experimentation from both.


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