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Goalkeeper uses his face to try to draw fouls

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This is one of the strangest things you'll see in this sport.

Goalkeepers certainly employ some interesting and occasionally bizarre tactics in order to get an advantage over their opponents, especially late in the match while their team clings to a lead. Earlier in March, though, Maritzburg United goalkeeper Glenn Verbauwhede took "bizarre" to a whole new level.

Just watch the video and you'll know what that means. On multiple occasions during Maritzburg's 2-0 win over Golden Arrows in South Africa's Absa Premiership, Verbauwhede actually dared Arrows attacker Ryan Chapman to try to get the ball off him before scooping the ball up and diving face-first into them to try to draw fouls. The second time he pulled it off earned Chapman a yellow card, and ultimately helped Maritzburg hold onto their lead.

While the trick worked this time, maybe if Verbauwhede spent more time concentrating on being a good goalkeeper and less time on cheap tricks, Maritzburg wouldn't be dead last in the league and looking at relegation with just a few matches left to go. Just saying.