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The USWNT has filed a gender-based wage discrimination complaint with the government

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Here's a great CBA negotiating ploy.

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The USWNT is already involved in a legal dispute with U.S. Soccer over the legality of their collective bargaining agreement, and they've made another move in their bid to get a more favorable CBA. They've filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging wage discrimination on the basis of gender.

USMNT players get much larger bonuses than the women, but U.S. Soccer will make a couple of arguments. First, the USWNT's memorandum of understanding was negotiated in 2013, while the mens' CBA was ratified in 2015. Second, the women are full-time employees collecting salaries, while the men are not.

Ultimately, the point of this isn't necessarily to win a dispute with the EEOC. It's to put more pressure on U.S. Soccer in CBA negotiations, and in the event the USWNT wins their dispute about the legality of the current MOU, it should help their negotiating position.

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