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Swiss authorities aren't done looking for evidence against Sepp Blatter

He's out of soccer, likely for good, but he hasn't escaped criminal charges yet.

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A new FIFA president has been elected and Sepp Blatter has been handed a six-year ban from soccer, likely long enough to keep the 79-year-old from ever having much to do with the sport ever again. But Swiss investigators are still digging into his criminal case, and searched the French FA this week. They were looking for documents connected to a potentially illegal suspected payment from Blatter to Michel Platini.

Blatter's gotten off easy so far, but he's not safe yet.

Goal of the day

Check out the third goal on this video, from Portsmouth's Michael Doyle.

In the news

Brondby is re-shuffling their organization after a board member used a pseudonym to criticize the team online. (Guardian)

Barca's getting closer to starting work on a new stadium. (ESPN FC)

Keylor Navas now has the second-longest Champions League shutout streak ever. (AS)

Premier League teams are capping away ticket prices at £30. (Telegraph)

Steve McClaren is meeting with Newcastle's directors on Wednesday and might get sacked. (Mirror)

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What happened on Tuesday

Arsenal coasted through in the FA Cup. (The Short Fuse)

Real Madrid put two more goals on Roma, winning their tie 4-0.

Wolfsburg are into the Champions League quarterfinals for the first time ever after beating Gent.

What to watch on Wednesday (all times ET, click for listings)

Champions League: 2 games (from 12 p.m.) -- Thank you, based Russia. Zenit-Benfica is on early, then Chelsea-PSG follows.

SheBelieves Cup: USA vs. Germany (7:30 p.m.) -- Winner takes the title.


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