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Manchester United vs. Bournemouth abandoned due to safety concerns

Police advised that the match be canceled after finding a suspicious package.

Alex Morton/Getty Images

The Premier League won't wrap up on its scheduled final day after Manchester United vs. AFC Bournemouth was abandoned over safety concerns. Kickoff was initially delayed, but the match was canceled very shortly after that.

Right around the scheduled time of kickoff, police confirmed that a suspicious device was found at Old Trafford and that they were looking into it.

Stands were partially evacuated, though some fans were asked to stay in their seats. Not long afterwards, word came down that the match would not be played as scheduled.

Following an evacuation, authorities carried out a controlled explosion to remove the suspicious device. They later confirmed that it was a hoax, not a viable explosive device.

The match has been re-scheduled and will be played Tuesday at Old Trafford at 3 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. local time.

Update: while the device was not explosive, it did turn out to be police property. They previously ran a security exercise at the stadium and neglected to recover the item.