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Euro 2016: Bracket, schedule, scores, groups and more

Everything you need to know about Euro 2016.

Euro 2016 is here, and this edition of the European Championships should be the most unpredictable one in a long time. The field has expanded to 24 teams, the biggest in the history of the competition. Hosts France will expect to make a deep run, but the field around them is wide open.

Spain is the defending champion, but faltered at the World Cup two years ago. They're still one of the best teams in the tournament, but hardly the unstoppable juggernaut they once were. Defending World Cup champion Germany is also among the favorites, but injuries and the international retirement of Philipp Lahm mean their squad won't be quite as strong as it was in 2016. Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal had their easiest major tournament qualifying run in a decade, and there's hope that he can finally grab an international trophy.

There are five debutantes at this edition of the European Championships -- Albania, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia and Wales. Two other teams -- Austria and Ukraine -- secured their first qualification. This will be the first European Championships they participate in without hosting it.

If you're looking for the Netherlands, they're not here. They stunningly failed to qualify, just barely missing out along with some other teams you might be used to seeing at major tournaments like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Slovakia, Denmark and Greece.

The format

With the field expanding to 24 teams for the first time, it's quite a bit easier than ever before for teams to get out of their groups. There are six groups of four teams apiece, which were seeded and drawn together back in December. France automatically got a top seed, while Spain, Germany, England, Portugal and Belgium joined them in Pot 1. Teams play everyone else in their group once, with the top two automatically advancing to the Round of 16. The top four third-placed teams will also make the knockout stage.

From the Round of 16 all the way through to the final, knockout games will go to two 15-minute periods of extra time if tied at the end of 90 minutes, to be played in their entirety. If the score is still deadlocked after that, the teams go to a penalty shootout.


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The teams

Group A


Group B


Group C

Northern Ireland

Group D

Czech Republic

Group E

Republic of Ireland

Group F


Schedule and results (all times Eastern)

Friday, June 10

France 2-1 Romania -- Recap

Saturday, June 11

Albania 0-1 Switzerland -- Recap

Wales 2-1 Slovakia -- Recap

England 1-1 Russia -- Recap

Sunday, June 12

Turkey 0-1 Croatia -- Recap

Poland 1-0 Northern Ireland -- Recap

Germany 2-0 Ukraine -- Recap

Monday, June 13

Spain 1-0 Czech Republic -- Recap

Republic of Ireland 1-1 Sweden -- Recap

Belgium 0-2 Italy -- Recap

Tuesday, June 14

Austria 0-2 Hungary -- Recap

Portugal 1-1 Iceland -- Recap

Wednesday, June 15

Russia 1-2 Slovakia -- Recap

Romania 1-1 Switzerland -- Recap

France 2-0 Albania -- Recap

Thursday, June 16

England 2-1 Wales -- Recap

Ukraine 0-2 Northern Ireland -- Recap

Germany 0-0 Poland -- Recap

Friday, June 17

Italy 1-0 Sweden -- Recap

Czech Republic 2-2 Croatia -- Recap

Spain 3-0 Turkey -- Recap

Saturday, June 18

Belgium 3-0 Republic of Ireland -- Recap

Iceland 1-1 Hungary -- Recap

Portugal 0-0 Austria, -- Recap

Sunday, June 19

Romania 0-1 Albania -- Recap

Switzerland 0-0 France -- Recap; France progresses in 1st, Switzerland progresses in 2nd

Monday, June 20

Russia 0-3 Wales -- Recap; Wales progresses in 1st

Slovakia 0-0 England -- Recap; England progresses in 2nd, Slovakia progresses in 3rd

Tuesday, June 21

Ukraine 0-1 Poland -- Recap; Poland progresses in 2nd

Northern Ireland 0-1 Germany -- Recap; Germany progresses in 1st, Northern Ireland progresses in 3rd

Czech Republic 0-2 Turkey -- Recap

Croatia 2-1 Spain -- Recap; Croatia progresses in 1st, Spain progresses in 2nd

Wednesday, June 22

Iceland 2-1 Austria -- Recap; Iceland progresses in 2nd

Hungary 3-3 Portugal -- Recap; Hungary progresses in 1st, Portugal progresses in 3rd

Italy 0-1 Republic of Ireland -- Recap; Italy progresses in 1st, Ireland progresses in 3rd

Sweden 0-1 Belgium -- Recap; Belgium progresses in 2nd

Saturday, June 25

Switzerland 1-1 (4-5 penalties) Poland -- Recap

Wales 1-0 Northern Ireland -- Recap

Croatia 0-1 Portugal AET -- Recap

Sunday, June 26

France 2-1 Ireland -- Recap

Germany 3-0 Slovakia -- Recap

Hungary 0-4 Belgium -- Recap

Monday, June 27

Italy 2-0 Spain -- Recap

England 1-2 Iceland -- Recap

Thursday, June 30

Poland 1-1 (4-5 penalties) Portugal -- Recap

Friday, July 1

Wales 3-1 Belgium -- Recap

Saturday, July 2

Germany 1-1 (5-6 penalties) Italy -- Recap

Sunday, July 3

France 5-2 Iceland -- Recap

Wednesday, July 6

Portugal 2-0 Wales -- Recap

Thursday, July 7

Germany 0-2 France -- Recap

Sunday, July 10

Portugal 1-0 France (AET) -- Recap


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