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A Eurovision music video director just shut out Cristiano Ronaldo

Hannes Þór Halldórsson, besides having a great name and cinematic talent, is a very good goalkeeper.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Iceland played their first match at a major tournament on Tuesday, making their European Championship debut against Portugal with a 1-1 draw. Though it was midfielder Birkir Bjarnason that scored the equalizing goal to salvage a point for the debutantes, it was the Iceland goalkeeper, Hannes Þór Halldórsson, who was the hero of the night.

Portugal got off to a quick start, managing a shot within a minute from none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, but Halldórsson was ready to make the save. That opening save set the tone for the match, as Portugal dominated but found it difficult to get past the Icelandic goalkeeper. Portugal beat Halldórsson once, when Luis Nani scored from close range after a pass from André Gomes in the 31st minute, but Halldórsson held his resolve throughout the rest of the match.

After Bjarnason's equalizer in the 51st minute, Portugal fought harder for an equalizer. Halldórsson was up for the task, though. He was instrumental in the dying minutes of the match, as Portugal players kept shooting at his net, making point-blank save after point-blank save. In total, Portugal managed 26 shots, nine of which were on target. Halldórsson recorded eight saves in total, which is the most saves a goalkeeper has made in one match during the tournament so far.

But the man is more than an incredible goalkeeper. Halldórsson is also a film director, and famously directed the music video for his nation's 2012 Eurovision Song Contest entry.

A former full-time employee of Icelandic film studio SagaFilm, he has been promised his job back when his soccer career is over.

The greatest moment in Iceland's soccer history was dominated by a film and music video director whose middle name, perhaps very appropriately, is pronounced Thor. Here's hoping his first project when he returns to his former career is a movie about shutting out Cristiano Ronaldo in his major tournament debut.