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Switzerland grab a point against Romania thanks to a volley that went through 7 players

Admir Mehmedi's goal was remarkable.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Switzerland and Romania drew 1-1 in a pretty unremarkable game on Tuesday, but the match featured a truly spectacular goal by Swiss attacker Admir Mehmadi. Euro 2016 has already featured a bunch of great volleys, but this is perhaps the most well struck.

Credit: user Omar_Til_Death on r/soccer

The strike itself, of course, is stunning. You only see a volley hit this clean, with this much power behind it, about a half-dozen times a year. But perhaps more incredible is how easily this shot could have been forgotten, never to be mentioned again for any reason besides "blocked shot" in a match report. There were seven whole players between Mehmedi and the goal -- five Romanians and two of his teammates. The best thing about this goal is that it got through all of them.


Not only did it hit the back of the net, it didn't take a deflection. Not even a slight one. This mass of people parted perfectly in a way that let the ball go through unscathed while also screening the goalkeeper, making it impossible for him to get a good read on the ball.

Switzerland has been trying to find a great striker to go with their fantastic midfielders, defenders and goalkeeper for a decade now. They're still looking, and hoping youngster Breel Embolo can be just that. But they've got by with a result without one for another game, thanks to Mehmedi's strike.