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Alexis Sanchez wins the Copa America Centenario Golden Ball

After Chile won the Copa America for a second straight year, Alexis has been named the top player of the tournament.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Chile are the Copa America Centenario champions, and in the wake of that triumph Alexis Sanchez has been named the Golden Ball Award winner as the player of the tournament. It's a well deserved honor, after scoring three goals for his country and helping lead their attack to some truly impressive performances en route to their championship.

Sanchez scored twice for Chile in their 4-2 win over Panama in the group stage, and again in their overwhelming 7-0 win against Mexico in the quarterfinal. While teammate Edu Vargas scored more goals -- he had four just in that Mexico game and Chile's other two goals against Panama -- the impact Sanchez had on Chile's attack was incredibly profound, helping create danger out of nothing repeatedly and at times pulling his team forward all on his own.

Congratulations to Chile for winning the Copa America, and congratulations to Sanchez for being named the best player of the tournament. It was a fantastic run for both player and country, and now they get to enjoy their successes.