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Lionel Messi says he's retiring from the Argentina national team

In a shocking interview after Argentina lost in the Copa America final, Lionel Messi says he's done with international soccer.

Following Argentina's loss to Chile in the Copa America final, Lionel Messi was visibly devastated. Not long after the tournament's closing ceremonies, Messi did an interview with TyC Sports in Argentina where he announced that he would no longer play for the national team.

This comes three days after Messi wrote about his frustration with the Argentine FA. "Once again waiting on a plane to leave for our destination," Messi wrote on his Instagram. "What a disaster the AFA are. My god!" When asked about the post the next day, Messi said he'd speak to AFA about his concerns after Copa America ended.

But through some combination of his frustrations with losing in another final and dealing with AFA, the world's greatest player has decided that enough is enough. It's possible that this decision was made in the heat of the moment, after an emotional defeat, and his fans will be hoping he reconsiders his decision.

The World Cup is two years away, and might be Messi's final chance to win the tournament while still in the prime of his career.


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