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How one USMNT fan went from outsider to one of the kings of the American Outlaws

Every fan has a sports story, whether that is when they met their favorite athlete or an unbelievable experience from a game -- everyone has a moment they cherish forever. Since SB Nation prides itself on being the Fan Appreciation Machine, we want to make the fan the star here and showcase these moments that make being a sports fan great!

For this episode of Fan Stories, we are focusing on Copa America and the amazing passionate fans that make soccer the biggest sport in the world. We showcase a super fan for USMNT, Donald Wine, who is a member of the American Outlaws. The following excerpt shows his passion for the U.S. Men's National Team.

I've been playing and watching soccer for nearly my entire life. I can tell you that being a soccer fan in America as a kid wasn't easy. You had to really work hard to find a match that you could watch, but the reward was excellent soccer and legendary players to idolize. 1994 was my first time watching the U.S. play, but it was my first cap on June 8, 2008 where I found my home. That home was with the American Outlaws.

I joined AO on June 16, 2008, merely a week after learning who they were at that first match. And since then, AO has become a huge and incredibly important part of my life. Through AO, I have found a family of like-minded individuals that have the same passion for soccer that I do, that live and breathe with each kick of the ball like I do, people who are some of the best people walking this place called Earth. There's nothing like being in the American Outlaws section for a match, and I only hope that others get the opportunity to share in the euphoria that I always get when walking into the section for a match, whether it's in DC or in the away section at the Azteca.

I hope that I was able to give you a full helping of the passion that I have for the beautiful game and how AO has changed my life. And if any of you were on the fence about checking out a U.S. match, whether in the AO section or not, I cannot recommend enough that you go for it! Find us at a match, say hi and we will welcome you into the fold. This country needs more passionate fans, and if that's you, there's no place better to be than singing and cheering with us for a match. I look forward to meeting you at the next one!