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Diego Valeri scores astounding tight-angle goal in Cascadia Derby

Portland's second goal of the day was one of the best we've seen this season in MLS.

Diego Valeri already scored once for the Portland Timbers in their Cascadia Derby match against the Seattle Sounders, but he wasn't done. Oh no. He wasn't nearly done. Early in the second half, he decided that he had to do this.

It's not a hammered, swerving strike from long range, but tight-angle goals that get dropped in like that are just as jaw-dropping and arguably more difficult. There's so little room for error that hitting that shot is something few players even try, and when someone doesn't just try but pulls it off -- wow. Just wow.

It's one of the best goals we've seen in MLS so far this season, in the middle of one of the best games the league has seen all season. This game has been a wonderful advertisement for the league, and Valeri's goal certainly showcases what you can see here.