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Brazil vs. Iraq 2016: Final score 0-0, Neymar and co. held scoreless in Olympic soccer

Another stunner for the hosts.

Celso Junior/Getty Images

In an absolute shocker, Brazil has failed to score for the second consecutive game in the Olympic men's soccer tournament. Iraq turned in an impressive 0-0 performance, keeping Neymar and his friends scoreless for the second consecutive match. Brazil entered Rio 2016 as the favorites to win the gold medal despite never having won it but have been held scoreless in their first two games for the first Olympics since 1972.

While Brazil were well on top for most of the match -- they won the possession battle and held Iraq to just one shot on target -- their attack wasn't exactly impressive. They registered a fairly standard 18 shots, with just four on target.

Iraq is not a complete minnow in soccer. They qualified from a tough Asian confederation, this under-23 team has a number of players with senior experience, and Iraq's senior men's team has won an Asian Cup. But Brazil had huge hopes for these Olympics and even held Neymar out of Copa America earlier this summer to make sure he was rested for this tournament. So far, he hasn't produced.

Brazil has two points, and they play group leaders Denmark, who sit on four points, in their final match. Iraq has two points as well, and they play South Africa, who has one point, in their final game.