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Sebastian Giovinco takes 3rd MLS Player of the Week award of 2016

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

It's a good time to be Toronto FC.

They won three games in a week, a rare accomplishment in MLS, and are on a four-game winning streak. Oh, and their superstar is fully off his midseason slump and cranking out hat tricks like they're no big thing.

Yes, that's right, Sebastian Giovinco had his second hat trick in three weeks last week against New England, and as a result was voted SB Nation's MLS Player of the Week for Week 22. The award is his third of the season.

Giovinco wins the battle of the hat tricks yet again this time, as he beat out Seattle Sounders' Clint Dempsey in the SBN panel's collective eyes.

Full results for Week 22, with first-place votes getting three points, second-place votes receiving two points and third-place votes earning a point each:

Players Points
Sebastian Giovinco 27
Clint Dempsey 18
Jordan Morris 10
Marlon Hairston 4
Javier Morales 2
Nick Rimando 1
Evan Bush 1
Ashley Cole 1
Tranquillo Barnetta 1
Hilario Grajeda* 1

* Grajeda takes the unique distinction of being not only the only referee to be voted to "Player of the Week" by our panel, but the first referee to get the vote in multiple weeks.

And here are the full ballots for Week 22:

Voter 1st 2nd 3rd
Kartik Krishnaiyer (Bitter and Blue) Jordan Morris Sebastian Giovinco Clint Dempsey
Rob Usry (Dirty South Soccer) Sebastian Giovinco Clint Dempsey Nick Rimando
Michael Citro (The Mane Land) Sebastian Giovinco Clint Dempsey Javier Morales
Eugene Rupinski (Brotherly Game) Sebastian Giovinco Clint Dempsey Hilario Grajeda*
David Rowaan (Waking the Red) Clint Dempsey Sebastian Giovinco Evan Bush
Drew Epperley (Big D Soccer) Sebastian Giovinco Clint Dempsey Marlon Hairston
Dave Clark (Sounder at Heart) Jordan Morris Sebastian Giovinco Ashley Cole
Jason Anderson (Black and Red United) Sebastian Giovinco Clint Dempsey Tranquillo Barnetta
Alicia Rodriguez (The Goat Parade) Clint Dempsey Sebastian Giovinco Javier Morales
Abbie Mood (Burgundy Wave) Marlon Hairston Jordan Morris Sebastian Giovinco
Robert Jonas (Center Line Soccer) Sebastian Giovinco Jordan Morris Clint Dempsey