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Barcelona cries poverty because they're mad Manchester United signed Paul Pogba

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The system is clearly unfair to Barcelona, who can't compete financially with the big bad Premier League.

David Ramos/Getty Images

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Premier League clubs spent a lot of money this summer. The biggest spenders were Manchester United, who bought Paul Pogba. Barcelona wanted Pogba, but weren't willing to pay what United were, so they're throwing their toys out of the crib and pitching a fit about the Premier League's money.

"UEFA and FIFA have to implement a way of regulating [spending]," club director Albert Soler said. "If it continues like this, with one club able to spend €120m on one player, it's going to cost more and more all the time to get the best players. Our most expensive recent signing was Luis Suarez and even then the club had to make economic adjustments."

Poor Barcelona. They're so broke. UEFA should make rules that prevent clubs from having more money to spend than Barcelona, clearly. Preferably with a maximum threshold of the exact amount of money that Barcelona wants to spend.

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