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Houston Dynamo's Mauro Manotas wins MLS Player of the Week

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The hat trick rule reigns again in the MLS Player of the Week voting, as the SB Nation panel selected Houston Dynamo forward Mauro Manotas as their Player of the Week for Week 29.

For the second consecutive week, the vote was effectively a two-man race, this time between Manotas, who scored a hat trick for the Dynamo in a 3-1 win over the Portland Timbers, and Jordan Morris, whose second-half brace propelled the Seattle Sounders to a 4-2 road win over the LA Galaxy.

In the end, three goals is more than two, and Manotas, a recent bright spot in another difficult season for Houston, takes the Player of the Week prize.

Full results for Week 29, with first-place votes getting three points, second-place votes receiving two points and third-place votes earning a point each:

Player Points
Mauro Manotas 19
Jordan Morris 17
Taylor Kemp 7
Khiry Shelton 4
David Villa 3
Patrick Mullins 3
Brad Knighton 1

And here are the full ballots for Week 29:

Player 1st 2nd 3rd
Austin Fido (Once a Metro) Mauro Manotas Jordan Morris Khiry Shelton
Jake Catanese (The Bent Musket) Mauro Manotas Patrick Mullins Brad Knighton
Jason Longshore (Dirty South Soccer) Mauro Manotas Taylor Kemp Jordan Morris
Michael Citro (The Mane Land) Jordan Morris Taylor Kemp Mauro Manotas
Drew Epperley (Big D Soccer) Mauro Manotas Jordan Morris Khiry Shelton
Dave Clark (Sounder at Heart) Jordan Morris Mauro Manotas Patrick Mullins
Alicia Tolar (Dynamo Theory) Mauro Manotas Jordan Morris David Villa
Jason Anderson (Black & Red United) Taylor Kemp Khiry Shelton Jordan Morris
Alicia Rodriguez (Angels on Parade) Jordan Morris David Villa Mauro Manotas