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Jamie Vardy drinks port wine out of plastic water bottles

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This dude is so bad at being rich.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

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The stories about Jamie Vardy racially abusing a man at a casino, becoming estranged from his family, and blocking a lookalike on social media days after inviting him onto Leicester's team bus have him rapidly approaching the Tyson Zone. He might have entered it with this story about his pre-game rituals, which feature him drinking a glass of wine and three Red Bulls. But that's not even the particularly notable part.

We need an explanation for this:

"I fill a small plastic water or Lucozade bottle to halfway and just sip the port while watching television."

I don't know if you've ever tried to pour something from one bottle into another bottle with a small opening, but it's difficult. If you don't have perfect technique, you'll make a massive mess. So ... does Jamie Vardy just have godly pouring technique? Does he own a funnel for this purpose? Surely he has some cups he could use, even if he doesn't have proper wine glasses?

And why doesn't he just buy wine glasses? He makes £100,000 per week. It would take 30 seconds for him to pick up his phone, find some wine glasses on Amazon or a similar retailer, then have them delivered to his house the next morning. It would cost roughly 0.05% of his weekly wages.

If I was rich, I'd hire someone to buy all the different types of wine and beer glasses for me, then put them in a cabinet that's clearly labeled so any stupid idiot (me, I'm a stupid idiot) could figure out which glasses to use for which drink. This seems like a very obvious rich person move.

Jamie Vardy sucks at being rich.

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